Source Audio – Channel Setup / Sound Field Configuration

Source Audio – Channel Setup / Sound Field Configuration

We won’t make any changes in your source audio’s sound field configuration (=channel setup). For your DCP we’ll use the exact sound field configuration (Stereo / 5.1 / 7.1 etc.) that we find in your source files.

If you plan to send us your audio tracks as separate files, please make sure to use distinct file names for each track, so that we can clearly identify each track’s designated channel mapping.

The most commonly used sound field configuration in digital cinemas – especially for ads and trailers – is still 5.1 (surround sound). That’s why we recommend a proper 5.1 configuration for your source audio.

A stereo setup is possible as well – but be aware that a stereo setup will create unwanted side-effects in cinemas:

Not everybody in the audience will be positioned in the stereo center. Therefore listeners on the left side of the cinema will miss out on the right channel of your stereo setup and vice versa.

5.1 upmixes from stereo are possible – but the results aren’t really convincing. If possible, rework your stereo mix and create a professional 5.1 mix.