Which file formats can I use for my source files?

Which file formats can I use for my source files?

We accept all common file formats and video / audio containers.

In order to produce a DCP we’ll extract all video and audio assets from any container format you send us.


Common video file formats / containers we recommend: MOV, MXF, MP4, AVI
Alternatively you can of course deliver your video stream as a DPX or TIFF (linear) image sequence.


We recommend embedding your audio track(s) in your container format along with the video track to ensure that video and audio are perfectly in sync.

Alternatively you can send your audio track(s) separately. Recommended audio file containers are WAV and AIFF (accurately synced to the video track). If you plan to send us your audio tracks as separate files, please make sure to use distinct file names for each track, so that we can clearly identify each track’s designated channel mapping.


If your video source is 24 frames/second, we can add dynamic subtitles to your DCP. We recommend you deliver your subtitles as ‘D-Cinema CineCanvas Interop 1.0 XML’, including the referenced TTF file. Alternatively we also accept SRT subtitle files.

If your video source is 25 frames/second or higher, we recommend that you pre-render (hardcode) your subtitles into your video stream.